Chimy Nanjappa


Chimy Nanjappa was an inspiration and guided weavers to achieve success, and this was what her life was all about.

She graduated with a degree in Commerce and began her career in Bombay. But it was in Bangalore where she loved working, at Cauvery, the State Handicraft Handloom Corporation that she was recognised.

It was in 1964 that Chimy first went to U.S.A to promote textiles at the World’s Fair in New York. Her hard work and patience was appreciated by the Americans as it was a challenge to sell Indian textiles in the 60’s as many weren’t familiar with the unstitched garment.  She was handpicked for the World’s Fair 1964, 1965 U.S.A and 1967 in Canada. Having tasted success abroad; she came back to India and decided to work with Handlooms.  She helped set up shops for others before venturing into her own little business .Vimor was established in 1974 formally with  her daughter after she had lost her husband.

Vimor was always focussed on selling traditional hand-woven sarees which were at that time known as temple sarees and are now antique textiles.  Gradually there was a need to recreate these as antiques were not available anymore.

Her positive and encouraging attitude towards the weavers helped them reach great success economically. She was also able to instil courage in the unlettered men to fight many unnecessary social evils prevalent in the rural areas.

In the 40 odd years she has met many eminent personalities both internationally and nationally, including Queen of England, Jacqueline Kennedy, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. The love and affection from the rural weavers made her life worthwhile. She was the best advertisement for the sarees she sold as she charmed everyone with her gracefully worn saree.