• I have been coming here for over 20 years and wearing these saadis with great pleasure over the years. Bless you and keep going!

    Ratna Pathak Shah

  • I am lucky to make her acquaintance with her and visit her studio. What a joy!

    Ruby Palchoudhuri

  • A brilliant collection of beautiful sarees.

    Rakesh Thakore

  • A range of colours that delights and reflects the sun, sea and everything between. My congratulations which are sincere and good wishes.

    Martand Singh

  • You are reviving and reinventing the great tradition of weaving of Karnataka. Your work is as important as renewal of our music, literature and painting.

    U.R. Ananthamurthy

  • VIMOR has been doing a great job in identifying and enlivening the lost heritage in textiles. Happier to know that the economic interests of the poor weaver and the larger number of customers to purchase are being addressed simultaneously. Thank you on behalf of the State.

    Ashok Dalwai

  • I have waited for 33years to find back Vimor. I love Vimor Sarees!

    Rekha Bhardwaj

  • Beathtaking! The weaves are magical and also the collection put together.

    Malavika Sarukkai

  • VIMOR is a lesson in true Indian history, beauty and luxury! To be around Chimy is to be around one of the real icons of Indian style and Culture. Thank you for an experience like no other.

    Gaurav Bhatia

  • Always my Favourite.

    Jaya Jaitly


Established in 1974, Vimor Sarees has functioned from a small home space till date. The fact that we have never turned away any weaver who has come to us has been our biggest success. Our customers get to own  a heritage Indian textile which also promotes the hand loom industry.   A very important agenda for us is to share our antique collection along with a brief story on each piece as we as we believe it to be a common heritage, and one that needs to be shared.


  • Tara Stripes Orange

    2,400.00 2,040.00

    A design created by Pavithra, woven in a thick coarse cotton . The body of the saree is in orange with double stripes in a contrasting colour and the border has a rudraksh motif woven on it . The saree has two simple pallus and doesn't come with a blouse piece . The saree drapes…

  • Smitha Tissue Khaki

    33,000.00 28,050.00

    A dear patron of ours, Smitha brought us her mothers tissue saree. On studying it we discovered that the technique to create the tissue was different from the usual tissue sarees. We brought our own twist to it and created one collection with the zari tissue and one without. This saree has two colours, Khaki…

  • Kasu Butta Light Blue

    22,000.00 18,000.00
  • Kamala Grey

    27,500.00 23,375.00

    The Kamala Saree, is named after its original owner, Kamala Sudarshanam. What makes this saree interesting is the little details - almost as though the weaver wanted us to go on a treasure hunt to discover the little quirks in this saree. The corner butta was a bouquet of flowers instead of a konia and…

  • Lalitha Butterfly Border

    19,000.00 15,200.00

    This Korvai Border Saree was recreated for a dear customer because of the sentiment attached to this particular piece, that belonged to her mother. This saree has a beautiful plain light pink body, a black contrast pallu with butterfly and grape motifs; and a contrast blouse.

  • Indira Tanchoi Butta Lt Green

    27,000.00 23,000.00

    A part of the Indira Gandhi Centenary Year Collection, this saree is a recreation of one that belonged to Mrs. Indira Gandhi. We were asked to re-create some of her sarees for the Centenary Year celebrations, and this design was one of them. Since the collection included Benaras sarees, we were very excited as it…

  • Patadi Ochre 1

    5,500.00 4,675.00

    In 2016 while working on the Rajasthan Heritage Week showcase, Pavithra wanted to worked on an entirely handwoven saree that wasn't kota. She decided to work with the Paatu shawl weavers. They had never woven sarees and their past attempt wasn't very good so it took a lot of convincing to get them to give…

  • Namarata Teal

    35,200.00 29,900.00

    This is a recreation of a dear friends' engagement saree. The original was a Benaras but we have woven this one at a tiny hamlet near Kanchi. It has a beautiful border of a creeper with 2 types of flowers, one border has three rows or creepers while the other has two. This border is…

  • Star Pallu Red Blue

    6,500.00 5,500.00

    While doing the Rajasthan Heritage week 3 years ago we identified and worked with a cluster of weavers who were traditionally wove rugs and shawls . There was huge language problem but we managed to convince them to weave sarees which they had never woven before. We made changes to their looms as well as…

  • Indira Silver Gold Butta Deep Pink

    19,000.00 16,530.00

    A part of the Indira Gandhi Centenary Year Collection, this saree is a recreation of a saree that belonged to Mrs. Indira Gandhi. We were asked to re-create some of her sarees for the Centenary Year celebrations, and this design was one of them. The original had gold buttas and no pallu. Pavithra made some…