Ratna Pathak Shah

I have been coming here for over 20 years and wearing these saadis with great pleasure over the years. Bless you and keep going!

U.R. Ananthamurthy

You are reviving and reinventing the great tradition of weaving of Karnataka. Your work is as important as renewal of our music, literature and painting.

Navika Harshe

Every time we were in Bangalore my mother would visit Vimor and I would tag along and admire all the beautiful sarees. On our visits we would meet Mrs.Chimmy and my mother and she would talk at length about different things.


On one of our visits while my mother and grandmother were looking at sarees and talking to Mrs. Chimmy. I decided to stand in a corner trying to look sulky cool, it was a look for teenagers in the early 2000’s. At this point I was about 17 and a tall, awkward, chubby girl with all the body image issues of a teenager


Suddenly, Mrs. Chimmy looked at me and said, “You have exactly the figure for my sarees” and then showed us some of her most beautiful sarees. I was beyond thrilled. Till this point in my life I hadn’t been told I had a figure for anything let alone exquisite Vimor sarees. I draped and ogled at so many beautiful sarees with awe. She was so nice about it all that it made me feel very special.


I also bought my first Saree that day. A Pooja Saree.


Over the years I have come to admire the amazing work done by Vimor for handlooms. My appreciation for the tremendous work they are doing keeps growing. And I must confess that even today whenever I see a Vimor saree I think that’s made “exactly for me”.


I heard about Vimor about 5 years ago and went in search of this quaint store housed in the Muddaya’s home. I absolutely fell in love with all the sarees, and even the lungis, one of which i picked up for my husband.  The girls there were so helpful.  As luck would have it, i finally met the Muddaya’s a couple of year’s later at the Raintree exhibition, where, thanks to the Bengaluru traffic,  i arrived just as they were winding up.

However, Pavithra, Vipra and Arup all helped me find my treasures, very patiently.  In fact the saree I’m wearing was picked up at that time.  I invited Vimor sarees to participate in V Style, a Multi Brand showcase that my Brand Advisory Services company The V Factor hosted in August.  I was delighted that they came and needless to say that Goa fell in love with them. I also visited the museum, and hats off to Team Vimor, for all the effort to keep our heritage alive! Love you guys. 😍

Vaishali Joshi

VIMOR has been doing a great job in identifying and enlivening the lost heritage in textiles. Happier to know that the economic interests of the poor weaver and the larger number of customers to purchase are being addressed simultaneously. Thank you on behalf of the State


– Ashok Dalwai

I am lucky to make her acquaintance with her and visit her studio. What a joy!



A range of colours that delights and reflects the sun, sea and  everything between. My congratulations which are sincere and  good wishes.




I was introduced to Vimor properly by a dear friend, Ritika, about 5 years ago , though the name and the women behind the weaves were all very well known years prior! Walking into Vimor and connecting with Pavithra aunty, Vipra, and Arup was like paying a visit to a weavers’ home. there was no mistaking their love for weaves, and those who make them real.I remember clearly when I bought this silk. Seeing, touching, talking about the raw materials, techniques and the lives of the weavers. It was an experience. It is one of my favourites.


I daresay it has not been easy for Vimor, when the buzz word is fast fashion and styles, manufacturing techniques and the clothes themselves fly by in the flutter of a pleat. Vimor to me is love and respect for everything the team does, and that is worth something 🙂

Anu Gummaraju
Rukimini Banerji

Oct 2018, Pratham was awarded the LUI Che Woo Prize for Positive Energy. It is a prize given out in Hong Kong every year. Rukmini Banerji, CEO of Pratham Education Foundation received the prize on behalf of the organization.


For this special occasion Rukmini wore a Vimor sari.


Few months ago, Rukmini had been in Bangalore for a meeting. With her at the same meeting was Niraja Jayal Gopal a well known political scientist from Delhi. Niraja has been a long run fan and customer of Vimor. As soon as the meeting finished Niraja and Rukmini rushed to find Vimor. They had very little time for shopping. They were not familiar with Bangalore roads and also very worried about making it to the airport on time. Armed with google maps and a slightly reluctant driver, they made it Vimor in time. In fifteen minutes, between Niraja and Rukmini they had chosen and purchased five saris.


The sari that Rukmini wore for the prize event in Hongkong in October 2018 was one of the new Vimor saris.


My connection goes way back to 1990…a couple of years after I got married and we were in Bangalore briefly…my aunt (kamie aunty) was a great friend of Chimmi aunty and took me over to look at sarees. Chimmi aunt’s charm and lovely anecdotes of saree weaving always made it a joy to shop! I wish I could have bought a lot more…is it ever enough???!

Protima Achaya

I am in love with Vimor’s coarse cottons. They have such a comfortable, relaxed and casual vibe. The texture, colours and patterns never fail to please. The designs may be from our saree heritage – but they do look unmistakably modern.

When faced with a decision to make when on holiday in Chennai recently – where to pick sarees that you know friends will like – it solution was easy. There was a Vimor exhibition on! Four Vidya sarees came home to Mumbai with me.

Manisha Joshi
Savitha Suri

We ended up picking up 4 pieces of the ‘lungi sari’ in the same colour and were thrilled to bits about it. We were like excited school girls who got new uniforms at the beginning of the school year!   We wore it for a meet up over lunch, laughing that we looked like sales girls playing truant. Several heads were turning – on the streets and at the restaurant-in our direction.  Much to our amusement, the restaurant manager volunteered to take our pictures and gushed about how good we looked.   It was only when we posted on social media that we realised we weren’t the only ones excited about the sari.   The simple and affordable Lungi sari made us look like a million bucks and we had a fair number of women queueing up to buy similar ones.   And to us, that’s a great reason to buy from @vimorsarees. You don’t need to break a bank to make heads turn. And that you can wear a ‘uniform’ and still retain your individuality.

Meera Rao

Just draped this beautiful old handwoven Vimor  cotton saree. If anyone hasn’t known or heard of or bought sarees from Vimor, you haven’t known the history of sarees in Bangalore . This saree is about 20 years old. Bought it on one of my trips to Bangalore. I used to live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, those days. It’s one of my favourites. Chimy Aunty chose this for me when I told her my budget. 


As soon as aunty started Vimor all of in the family bought sarees from Aunty ,oh she used to have such lovely printed silks which was so popular in those days , infact when I got married all my sarees were from Aunty ,the 1st gift Nanju gave me was a green printed silk from Vimor. As I stayed with Aunty for 4- 5 mths she got me to wear bright colours really enjoyed my stay with Aunty and Pavi. When I returned to Coorg she encouraged me to set up an outlet for sarees here ,it was such a hit. My memories of Aunty and Vimor are one of warmth and affection. Congrats and keep it going Pavi ,Vipra,Arup  and little Vidushi.


– Swaroop


I know Vipra Mudayya for the last 3 years. An extremely unassuming and reserved person, she is very focussed on her work and alongwith her brother, committed to the cause of revival and conservation. Her mother Pavitra Muddayya is a pioneer in this and has done well in instilling her children with adequate interest and desire to continue the good  work. Be it the Puja saree, Gomat saree or the Kanjivarams, everyone of their  weaves is authentic, earthy and a pleasurable wear. They have worked with Rajasthan weavers who weave just shawls  to weave a saree  and bring that shawl look into the pallu if their Gomat saree. I visited their  Vimor Store two years ago and that was a memorable experience.  I have thanks to them,  collected Gomat, Silk saree made from silk waste, Puja saree and a Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay saree. Happy to nite note that they have set up this museum and all the very best for the two day event.


– Sivapriya Krishnan

Hi… My name is Sulekha… I first heard about Vimor from my best friend in college Revathi Rao… Her sister’s marriage had been fixed and the exciting rounds of trousseau shopping were in full flow… I tagged along with them on one of these expeditions and landed in the Victoria Road Vimor presided over by the lovely gracious Chimmy Nanjappa…. It was a treasure trove of incredible weaves and textures and colours! This was 1978 I think… And it was the time when Shyam Benegal movies were making waves… When I spotted this saree it was soooo Shabana Azmi in Ankur and I was was totally smitten! A love affair that never waned… Thanks Vimor!


– Sulekha


Snatches of forgotten images and fragments of conversation float through my mind as remember a much loved aunt, my mother’s sister. My clearest memory of her was that of a beautiful and elegant woman, who had the enterprise and drive to follow an unchartered path.


Influenced by Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay, the noted freedom fighter, Chimmy Nanappa made it her life-long mission to promote handlooms and support the weavers through Vimor, an exclusive boutique devoted to traditional weaves that she established. She has been an inspiration to me. I clearly remember an advice she gave me as a young girl, “It is better to be considered vain than be dowdy.” My life-long love affair with Vimor saris began when I received my first Vimor sari—an exquisite, antique cotton red and black check sari with its characteristic temple border in ochre, as a graduation present from my aunt Chimmy. Since then, my life story is inscribed in Vimor weaves—my wedding trousseau, with its shimmering silks and cotton and those that I acquired to mark important events in my life. Some of the saris I acquired, included a shimmering red sari with red checks and an exquisite gold border that I wore for my daughter’s naming ceremony, the lime green sari with shocking pink border that I wore for my son’s naming ceremony and the white silk sari with orange border that I wore when I was awarded my doctorate.


As decades rolled, Vimor creations with their brilliant hues of black, red and green have continued to drape me to celebrate each memorable movement in my children’s lives—their graduation, weddings and their children’s naming ceremonies. As a matter of fact, I have been, almost every day of my busy professional career, swathed in Vimor saris. It is also no exaggeration to add, that Vimor saris have clad three generation of women in my family: for my mother and daughter also preferred Vimor saris. I congratulate Pavithra, Vipra and Arup for protecting and enriching Chimmy Nanjappa’s legacy.


– Veena Poonacha


Vipra saved the one last pooja saree left in that series acceeding to my request and brought it specially for me yo Chennai during the exhibition at CP Art Centre. Its a magnificent piece of work. Zero zari all of fine silk threads, this saree is truly a labour of love. I inaugurated this on Saraswati pooja this year during Navaratri, sang a concert wearing it. This saree received encomiums from whoever saw it.


Saree was a pure silk from Vimor. It was bought for the occasion. It was bought by me for myself


I sneaked out of the house (they had this weird custom, you see, of not letting young mothers step out for so many months. Surprised I didn’t die of Vit D deficiency), took an auto from JP Nagar to Victoria Layout. Chimy Aunty was surprised to see me so early in the morning. The advantage of going to Vimor was that one could just shut one’s eyes and pick one; invariably it would be awesome. I told C. Aunty my budget (wasn’t too much), she showed me this first, I took it, paid and came back home in the same auto in less than an hour or so.


Folks at home (some 30-odd people) were busy getting stuff ready for the ceremony. No one had missed me


YAY! And which self-respecting S.Indian girl doesn’t have a maroon blouse to go with all sarees, tell me! So there!


Sorry for that sath-méké (“dead goat” in Kannada) look. I had missed breakfast in my eagerness to make it to Vimor and be back without getting caught! I gave this saree away a little later to my eldest sister who liked it a lot and who looked gorgeous in it 🙂


– Sivapriya Krishnan