Vimor was started in 1974 in Bangalore by Chimmy Nanjappa and her daughter Pavithra selling heritage handloom sarees.

In the past 40years it has grown from selling original antique sarees to encompass the entire gamut of reviving ,designing and selling South Indian handloom sarees.

The focus has been on creating and supporting the handloom saree revival .All the revived sarees are either from Vimor’s own collection or from customer’s sarees .

This is done by documenting the designs ,techniques and stories and thereby using these to motivate traditional handloom weavers to continue their craft and finding buyers for these heritage designs.

Vimor – means pure in Indonesia. Established in 1974 it has functioned from a small home space till date. The fact that we have never turned away any weaver who has come to us has been our biggest success. We have had only word of mouth publicity for the past  40 years.The customer gets to own  a heritage Indian textile which also promotes the hand loom industry.  Vimor has worked with many organisations to showcase handlooms. A very important agenda for us is to share our antique collection along with a brief story on each piece as we as we believe it to be a common heritage,and one that needs to be shared

Pavithra mainly takes care of documenting the textiles , their stories and also designs the sarees at Vimor. She has documented different  weaving techniques –

  • The motifs and their meaning
  • The different measuring terms in different areas
  • The relevance of social customs and their bearing on the textile tradition of our area.

Chimy and Pavithra  have been supporting weavers to grow from 1 loom  to 50 looms.  Besides financial support, technical , design and colour guidance is a constant on going activity here. The older skilled weaver are a gold mine and we ensure all support to keep their skills alive.  The younger weaver are guided in a step by step process.


LATE. Chimy Nanjappa



Chimy Nanjappa was an inspiration and guided weavers to achieve success ,and this was  what her life was all about.
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Pavithra Muddaya



Pavithra’s work has been primarily design, development and guidance of the weavers. Vimor’s design expert.
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Vipra Muddaya



The daughter of Pavithra, part of the third generation working with Vimor, currently manages the store.
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Arup Nanjappa



Arup Nanjappa, is part of the third generation of Vimor. He has a background in film making and media studies.
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