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weaving a legacy.
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You don’t buy a Vimor saree,
you acquire a heirloom.
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A visit to Vimor feels like
a peek into your grandmother’s cupboard.
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Those little imperfections and irregularities
are the charms of owning a handmade piece.
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When you buy a Vimor saree,
you’re investing in a piece of our handloom inheritance.


Vimor, meaning ‘pure’, is a brand born out of love for India’s handloom heritage. We have been around for nearly half a century, working towards designing and creating exquisite, authentic, unique, exclusive handwoven sarees. Along the way we have worked towards documenting and reviving design from heritage textiles so that women of today can own a piece of our woven heritage and create connections with their history, human stories and memories. Read more >>

Strengthening our Weaving Heritage

Vimor Handloom Foundation, a brainchild of Vimor, was set up in 2004 with a vision of nurturing and conserving our handloom inheritance for the future generations.

Taking ahead the legacy of Vimor, the Foundation opened ‘The Vimor Museum of Living Textiles’, a space to preserve and showcase unique textile designs and heirlooms owned by people across India and the personal collection of Vimor.

The Foundation also organises ‘The Urban Weavers Workshops’, a 7 day training program where you get to learn from our master weavers and get inspired to create wonderful handlooms of your own.

The ‘Hands to Empower Programme’ is a part of the Foundation’s efforts to help young women earn their own livelihoods by training them in embroidery to create things of beauty.

In the last year, with Covid-19 affecting the livelihood of weavers and artisans, the Foundation reached out to its patrons and together raised funds to ensure the well-being of over 3000 weavers across India.

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Reviving Handloom Sarees